AZU Concept Limited
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Rm.2518, Well Fung Industrial Centre, 68 Ta Chuen Ping Street,
Kwai Chung, HONG KONG
Tel : + 852 2782 0017 Fax : + 852 2782 1055

>Magazine : editorial section


> We think the word trend is that glasses are too complicated
and there are too many elements. Our company is going the
other way.Actually making a good simple design is more
complicated ( than heavily designed glasses.)

- South China Morning Post , Text By Jade Lee-Duffy - October 29, 2007


> ' Wallace ' Chan says more than 95% of the company's metal
have 100%-handmade silicone rubber temples, which he
claims no other manufacturers in China are currently producing.
" This produces a frame that is very comfortable, colourful,
non-toxic and not harmful to the environment," he states.

- 2008 Hong Kong Optical , Text By Sandra Jenner - Changing Faces

2008 HK Optical - Product Feature

> Looking for a niche in the optical market, Hong Kong manufacturers
' AZU Concept Ltd.' are producing frames that depart from the norm.

> says chief designer Keith Ko. " Comfort and simplicity in design
are current trends for these types of frame."

- 2007 Hong Kong Optical , Text By Vicki Williams - On The Edge

2007 HK Optical - Partial Frames
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